Names & Faces

Lakewood PTO is made up of hard-working parents & grandparents who serve as volunteers. Get to know their names and faces and be sure to ask questions about their area of service this year.



Executive Board




Megan Atencio



Vice President


Jackie Estrada 





Danielle Bradley  






Virginia Pedigo




Fall Fundraiser Coordinator

Looking for the 23/24 school year!

Email for info




Spring Fundraiser

Leslie Jelsma



Committee Chairs



Educational Adventures/Field Trips Coordinator

Melanie Morrison




Family Events Coordinator 


Tracey Godwin




Charitable Giving


Gloria Webber




Charitable Giving

Sarah O'neal 



Grants and Donation

Sarena Christensen 



Melissa Williams                                                                     



Homeroom Coordinator 

Heather Norcini



Homeroom Coordinator 

Jenny Langley



LES Garden                                                                                                               

Melanie Morrison




Publicity Coordinator

Elizabeth Moscoso




4th Grade Coordinator 

Peggy Wignall



Social Media

Jennifer Smejkalova











Upcoming Events